To My People


1. To my classmates who refused to tear the middle of their higher Education notebook for me to write a test, I hope you are still using that note.

2. To those who refused to open their notebook for me to copy, I hope you are all working at Chevron or Microsoft Company now.

3. To class captains who always write my name as one of the noise makers in the class simply because my name is very easy to spell, I hope you are now the chairman of your local government!

4. To those seniors who seized my belongings, belt, necklaces, foot wears, etc, and never returned them, hope you have obtained the highest rank in the custom force!

5. To those who always collect the little money my parents gives me and made me go hungry without pity, and those who always break into my locker and steal my belongings, hope you have broken world bank by now!

6. To those who maltreat me because I was too tender, and those who always refuse to fix me in school football matches because you think I cannot do it, I hope Chelsea or Barcelona has picked you now?

7. To those who made a drawing on the school board, specifically Car, and asked me to push it (imagine pushing a drawn car?), I hope you are a mechanic now.

8. To those who stole my food from my lunch box, I hope u are now hyenas

9. To those who look down on me cus I’m skinny, hope you are fatter than “yokozuma” now

10. To dose girls who catwalk wen i call them, hope u are now d miss world?


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