Road to White House getting nastier


The gloves are off, folks. With about 73 days to the U.S. presidential elections, Donald Trump is trying to do to Hillary Clinton what he successfully did to Jeb. During the GOP Primaries, he repeatedly mocked Jeb Bush as a man with “low energy.” Bush played the gentleman and didn’t hit Trump back. By the time he woke up, the race was over – neither the Bush dynasty nor his millions of campaign funds could revive his campaign.

This week, Trump is still down in all the major national polls, including all battleground states, such as Ohio (18 electoral college votes), Florida (29), Pennsylvania (20), and Virginia(13). But some anti-Hillary web sites have been posting fake stories, videos and even medical reports about her being seriously ill. Trump himself says Hillary does not have the physical or mental strength or the stamina to govern. He also has called on a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate Clinton for allegedly using her position as secretary of state to benefit the Clinton foundation. Trump calls Hillary the most corrupt person to run for president. Unlike Jeb Bush, Clinton is counter-punching. Her surrogates say it’s Trump who needs to explain how he wants to “make America great again” when Trump ties, shirts and other products are made in China, Turkey and Bangladesh? How would he be tough on China when Trump companies owe China hundreds of millions of dollars? Would he run America as he ran many of his bankrupted businesses or as he used the now defunct Trump University to scam several people? Why won’t he release his taxes when the Internal Revenue Service says he can release them even if he is being audited as Trump claims.

A brutal election war is on, folks.
Clinton’s Troubles The Clinton Foundation arguably does great work by saving thousands of people living with HIV/Aids in many developing countries. Right now, it is what it did for people in the U.S. that is threatening to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. It is what Donald Trump and his surrogates call “Pay for Play.” The AP recently reported that 85 of 154 people donated to the foundation to gain a meeting or phone call with Clinton during her four-year tenure as Secretary of State, although there is no evidence that any favor resulted from those meetings. Controversial donations ranged from $100,000 to $1 million. The Clintons are pushing back that the data is flawed by ignoring about 4000 foreign dignitaries, diplomats, business people and Americans whom Clinton met and worked with during that period. But the fallout from the revelation is so huge that President Bill Clinton has offered to step down from the board of the foundation should his wife win the U.S. presidency and he, in effect, becomes the first First Gentleman of the union. Besides the foundation troubles, Clinton is battling another email scandal. Apparently she did not turn over all her emails to the FBI as she had claimed. The discovery increases the perception among most Americans that she is not trustworthy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, former secretary of State Colin Powell came out to refute Clinton’s claim that he advised her to use the controversial private server for her emails. Good grief! Why bring in Powell if she wasn’t sure he had her back? Her main consolation is that as much as most Americans do not like her, polls reveal that they still like her more than Donald Trump. Ouch!

Trump flip-flops on Deportation
From the onset, Trump’s ascension as eventual GOP presidential candidate was anchored on his anti-immigration stand. He insisted he will use a “Deportation Force” to ensure that all 11 million or more illegal immigrants are sent back to wherever they came from. Even when some top Republicans and immigration experts cautioned that the huge financial implication and law enforcement resources needed for such a massive undertaking made it logistically impossible to accomplish, Trump vowed that he would do it, including deporting illegal immigrant families with their American-born children. Trump also said he will build a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border to keep Mexicans from illegally crossing into the U.S. And, wait for this – he said the Mexican government would pay for the wall. Yeah right! However, his immigration message resonated among Republican primary voters who handed him the GOP nomination. Well, things changed and Trump began to sink in every national poll, including battleground states. Among African Americans, he polls a hilarious 1 percent and 26 percent among Hispanic Americans – worse than any Republican candidate in history. Trump has suddenly realized that the general election is a different ballgame. He now desperately wants African Americans to support him. After all, he asks: “What the hell do you have to lose?” In his attempt to woo Hispanic Americans, he no longer insists on deporting all illegal immigrants. He says he is “softening” his approach to deport the felons first and then find a way to accommodate other illegal immigrants.


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